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When we were dating and both in college I’d pay for our dates (for the most part) and we’d each pay for our own gas to visit each other since we went to different colleges.

We split our expenses equally during this time period.

Splitting expenses equally is the easiest method to calculate because all you do is simply divide the expense by however many people will be paying for it.We couldn’t split the electricity bill based on usage either but I think the only reason we didn’t do this because we couldn’t have individual meters on all of our outlets! Splitting expenses based on income seems to be popular among spouses and significant others.Incomes can be very different in some relationships and some people feel it is fair to split expenses based on the ratio of income between the people living together.If a person is just contributing what they can, any spending that isn’t paid toward shared expenses can cause an argument.If a person hasn’t contributed to rent but instead purchased a new piece of jewelry arguments could be right around the corner.

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