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Okay, I love both of these celebrity humans, so reminiscing about this breakup is extremely bittersweet.These two dated from 2002 to 2003, before Gosling dated Rachel Mc Adams.But she can't stand Black guys lol You fall for the most shallow shit.

This rambunctious pair dated back in 2003, shortly after filming their rom-com (which you totally watched, don’t pretend you didn’t). So magical, in fact, that we may have collectively repressed some of the actual events which occurred in the 2000’s. Totally pushed to the back of my mind, forever and ever, amen.There are also plenty of celebrity relationships which somehow managed to sneak by, unnoticed, during the 2000’s.But her vapid and shallow personality sinks her attractiveness for me.She's a dumb gossipy bitch, period, just like most of the celebrities you adore.

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50 Cent has proven to have an eclectic taste in women.

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  1. I have been with my wife 3 years and been married for 6 months. Personally if it wasn’t for POF, I would have never met my wife. Thank you POF I've met and sadly had relationships with two men who both ended up with personality disorders and caused great amount of damage.