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I feign stupidity and ask if he’s got wifi down here.

We end up having a 10 minute conversation about wifi and Dorset, where he works as a surveyor.

In hindsight I could have offered him my number so I could attend opening night.

South Kensington to Leicester Square – Piccadilly Line I pick a seat beside a tall guy in his late 30s with his i Pad out.

There’s Michael, the friendly BBC guy who I fancy but forget to ask out.

Then Chris, a Canadian who humours me but is happily married.

He’s super friendly, but I still don’t ask or get asked for a number.

Leicester Square to Embankment – Northern Line The other passengers are women. Embankment to High Street Kensignton – Circle Line A cute ginger guy reading Tolstoy gets on.

As I wait on the platform at Paddington I get butterflies.It’s more varied than a pub, cheaper than a night out and less forced than a singles event.My daily commute lasts three hours, including half an hour on the Tube.It’s a bit awkward when we get off at the same stop, but we still chat and it turns out he’s a journo at The Independent.We’ve got a lot in common but he’s been more polite than flirty so I smile and we part ways.

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