Bret michaels still dating cons of dating a military guy

I've watched Rock of Love intermittently, but not this past season.

I'm a psychotherapist and when I see the women being overtly sexual to win Brett's attention, I wonder how many of them are acting out psychological disorders, were sexually abused as children, etc. I don't see this as a show that celebrates or even demonstrates healthy feminist sexuality, but rather exploits women with low self-esteem to appeal to our train wreck mentality.

(Again, I support Taya's decision not to sleep with Bret, just not the way it was framed by the show.I guess it all comes down to the age-old, frustrating, Madonna-Whore archetype.Bret is a "rock star" who has supposedly been with tons of hot women and just can't get enough overt sexuality from his female counterparts.The skimpier their outfits and the raunchier their behavior, the nearer the contestants came to winning Bret's ballad-singing affections.I didn't like it, but at least it was pretty straightforward and the women were being honest about their sexual desires (even if, to me, those desires seemed misplaced).

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