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‘I think given the choice a woman would like to be with a guy who is more successful than they are.

But while I’m able to see the forest for the trees nowadays, there are still women out there who will seek a British man out as if it’s a Cinnabon after a month-long diet.

Women have the option to shop around too, Richard explains: ‘You could find that you like English guys banter so you move to England.

You might like French guys because they’re more philosophical You might like the guys in Rio because they’re fun loving and have a don’t care attitude – the opposite of serious Germans.’ Loathe to interrupt Richard’s carnival of stereotyping, I asked him why he was using personality types to define men, when he had used dress and physicality to define women.

This kind of stuff is not really at all acceptable [in Eastern Europe].

‘It’s quite common that a 22 year old girl in Russian hasn’t tried ever being super drunk, hasn’t ever tried drugs or had a one night stand. A lot of guys would prefer that.’ Are men bothered that I say ‘f**k when I drop my phone?

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