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They were literally threading it while we were heading to the stage. I know some of you were worried that we would be docked for a lift in the rumba since that's not allowed, but we all had a lot of leeway in our choreography because it was about paying tribute to these iconic dances.We didn't get a chance to practice a lift with it threaded. We did some rumba in the beginning, but the dance was by no means a rumba!Derek Hough competed in Dancing with the Stars for a long time.So long, in fact, that he has won the Mirrorball Trophy six times with different dancing partners on the series.That’s certainly a perk of the job, but it doesn’t make it any easier when fan favorite judges or cast members are not present during a season.

Unfortunately, many professional dancers have ended up not returning to the series, including Cheryl Burke, who was with the show forever but left after Season 19. I don't think I've ever been that excited and relieved after a dance before. I'm so proud of Bindi and I was really happy we were able to pull that off.I like to have things in order to create versus just, like, “Let’s just throw out ideas! ” When we work together we’re so different, but it works.Hough’s buddy Mark Ballas, again, is not coming back to the show either.

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