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Chinese culture and political renewal / Lee Teng-hui. The rise of "political aid" / Michael Pinto-Duschinsky. South Korea and Taiwan / Yun-han Chu, Fu Hu & Chung-in Moon. Political parties in East Central Europe / Gábor Tóka. Plattner, counselor at the National Endowment for Democracy, are codirectors of the International Forum for Democratic Studies.

The ultimate success of Burma's political transition remains uncertain. Democracy is a concept reflecting European philosophies, struggles and concerns.

Many Ethiopian ethnic groups have traditions which may offer more satisfactory and culturally acceptable foundations for a “sovereignty of the people” through time-honored ways of voicing political ideas, ironic ...

This volume gathers essays by leading scholars and principals of regional public-opinion surveys, known as barometers, which are making possible the first systematic, worldwide study of how citizens think about democracy and weigh it against other forms of government. The Reader will find in this book detailed plans and drawings prepared by national experts.

Illusions about consolidation / Guillermo O'Donnell. Battling the undertow in Latin America / Abraham F.

Party systems in Taiwan and South Korea / Teh-fu Huang.

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