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It is not uncommon to have these run over 21" long, where their bottom dwelling cousins, a LARGE one may be 17".

I have also seen them feeding on the top of the water at Cannon Beach OR and at Neah Bay WA.

There are some methods of returning them slowly in a inverted plastic milk box to depths of below 60' then allow them to acclimatize to that water pressure, then they may swim off.

I have also found them sport-fishing in the Neah Bay area again in 140' of water, with a few on the bottom while others were near the surface or suspended at 45'.

The escaping gases then fill the body cavity, forcing the eyes to bulge and the stomach to protrude out the mouth.

If the gases are not released (or vented), the fish can't submerge, which makes it an easy target for predators.

The 60' depth is not magical number but usually bringing any fish from deeper than that, it is considered a dead fish unless you do something soon to relieve the pressure.

I have even seen their eyes get glazed, pop partially out if from deeper depths like when fishing for halibut at 400'.

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In the Cannon Beach area, they had driven baitfish into a large cove where all you could see for over a mile was rockfish breaking water, gulping in bait.

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