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It is not difficult to see how this model relies a lot on both the state and the markets behaving rationally in the pursuit of their legitimate interests.But what happens if behaviour is not always rational?What about socio- cultural practices that time and again get in the way when calculating the utility of children and the need for population control?

Life here has come to be entirely sustained by symbolic values and meanings that the poor will impart to the most mundane things in the face of total neglect by the state.

The private sector has more doctors and fewer beds than government hospitals, thereby emphasizing out-patient care.

And while Indian traditions sanctify fertility and motherhood, government policies and health care services are focused on controlling fertility.

Though listening to women's perspectives on their bodies when they came for treatment and conversation with dedicated health workers, she gained an insight into larger realities.

The result is a patchwork quilt of narratives about women's lives - how they are affected by their environment, their perspectives on male and female sexuality, the mystery of pregnancy, the joy of birth, the fear of infertility, the pain of backroom abortions and the often bleak world of adolescent girls.

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Also, it is not at all clear that the two great priorities of our democratic capitalism—economic integration and political self-determination- will complement each other in the twenty—first century, as they have not in the last decade of the twentieth century Historic evidence shows that the desire to procreate is deeply embedded in human nature, and matrimony and childbirth have always been treated as holy and ennobling experiences by all communities and castes in India.

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