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Another way to improve a computer’s performance is to upgrade the video card, especially if your motherboard has integrated graphics.You will need to know the type of slots that are on your motherboard If you aren’t sure what type of expansion slots you have, we can use the utility SIW which is free for personal use.

If you re-install your OS from the backup discs that came with your PC or use the protected recovery partition, it will also install any Bloat-ware that came with it.Before making any changes to your hardware, make sure you backup your system first.The easiest way to add better performance to an older machine is to add more memory. Check out our article on how to find out the kind of memory your computer has.Keep in mind though that this is more complicated and you’ll need to figure out what CPUs are compatible with your current motherboard and chipset.For more on finding the right hardware and how to install it, The Geek has a great 5 part series on building a new computer.

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