Updating my blu ray player

To fix this problem, you have to add an exception in your ROUTER'S settings that opens port 123 to the blu-ray player's IP address.

I googled my router and "open port" to find instructions for my router (a Fritz Box), but your router will obviously be different.

I've troubleshooted my connection and cannot find any problems. Visitor: 2012/03/22_001025Simon: Would you mind holding a few minutes while I gather the required information for your request? Simon: I see that your player is updated with the new firmware version. Simon: Please try to un-plug all the network devices such as TV or computer, modem and router.

I called Netflix and the guy kept telling me that it was a network connection issue on my end. Simon: With the disc tray open, press and hold the INFO button on the remote control. Simon: Please follow the above steps and let me know the s/w version of the player.I work for a public library and trying to get city IT out here to fix this won't happen (the routers are fixed to the 20 foot ceilings and therefore inaccessible).tfulton52This thread is dated January 2017 and is unlikely to attract any helpers now.The common call in issues are usually actually the users net, or the app got corrupted and needs reinstalled, etc.... The main Netflix issues are things like doing away with vacation holds and deferring cancellations, billing difficulties on prepaids, etc.I have the HT-J5500W model I just sent in, it keeps freezing during Netflix playback.

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