Updating split entry

The length of the time interval depends on your acquirer.

This is a general overview of the time it takes from you capture a payment until you get the money.

You can capture a part of the amount as each item is shipped.

Warning: Always capture the amount BEFORE shipping the goods.

If splitpayment is 1, it's also possible with Elavon and Handelsbanken.

It is not possible to credit payments made through online banking.

This means you don’t have to log in to your e Pay administration to capture the payment.

You can only capture/credit the full amount of Klarna payments from your e-commerce solution or your e Pay administration.

To capture/refund a part of the amount, please go to your Klarna admin and make a partial capture, and contact us to adjust the amount in e Pay.

Please note that if you delete a payment by mistake you must notify us immediately.

We can recreate payments for 24 hours after deletion, but when this window has passed, deleted payments cannot be recreated.

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