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Which is my way of saying should you seek my company for dinner one night I am afraid I will be out of town, lest I wake up the next morning and read in some tawdry journal that I am now the bane of your existence. Former Guest of a Guest Photographer blows whistle on Cw’s ‘High Society.’ What tender loving things did Devorah Rose and Paul Johnson Calderon say to each other at last night’s Gen Art premiere? The bully tactics of the tabloid world gone to hell in a handbasket.

Although to be fair to you Mr Rushdie, you do have a very vivid imagination which I must implore you to continue using when it comes to writing your novels. Everyone prefers dating models- even Salman Rushdie. Devorah Rose- the continued drama of being a rising socialite and backstabbed.

As Deborah prophesied, a battle is fought (led by Barak), and Sisera is completely defeated.

Kids no sooner have I packed the sharpening knives for thanksgiving now I am forced to bring them back out. To help extricate the fabrication that ladies man Salman Rushdie was being preyed and set upon by Ms Devorah Rose as page 6 allude to when in fact, he has been clearly pursuing her for some time now: “She is making too much of a casual acquaintance,” he said. I am mortified that her Twitter feed suggests otherwise.” To portray Ms Rose as the aggressor and as our ‘friends’ (blah) page 6 as a saucy aficionado on the prowl is furthest from the truth.

Though it is not uncommon to read a victory hymn in the Hebrew Bible, the Song of Deborah stands out as unique in that it is a hymn that celebrates a military victory helped by two women: Deborah and Jael.

David Cameron is said to have won his first job, at the Conservative Research Department, after an intervention from someone based at Buckingham Palace.

But here is my question kids, why would a man who’s trying his hardest to be disassociated with Ms Rose be trying so admirably to get to know her? Before I reveal Rushdie’s motive lets move on to the next piece of evidence.

Next tweet from Salman: salman; 1 Oct: thanks honey! Kids, does this sound like a man who’s running for the hills and is devastated to be associated with Ms Rose?

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