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So it’s not surprising that the exceptionally compact camera is often targeted by thieves, and not all of them human.Here are the top seven Go Pro camera crooks from Kingdom Animalia.In the other is the 36-year-old comedian/talk-show host, unfazed by this behemoth of a man.Within seconds, the grappler has Gethard in the air, whirling clockwise, before slamming his body down like a slab of clay on a wheel.Osprey fans suggested and voted on names for the two youngsters — Whirley (in honor of the Whirley Crane where the nest is sited), and Rivet (in honor of the nearby Rosie the Riveter memorial).

In 2016, four chicks hatched at the Boswell nest (2 females and 2 males) and four hatched at the Hibbard nest (2 females and 2 males).

“The presence of these charismatic raptors highlights the environmental progress that’s been made in our region, and underscores the opportunities for people to help Ospreys prosper here. The Bay Area’s Peregrine Falcon cameras have been popular for a while too. Ospreys are one of nature’s wildest raptors, yet they are now choosing to breed near people – even using human-made structures like the Whirley Crane.

We believe that witnessing the life of an Osprey family along our urban shoreline can inspire the whole community to protect Ospreys and other Bay Area wildlife.” Nest and wildlife cams have become a media phenomenon in recent years: Last year, a nest cam focused on Bald Eagles in Washington D. However, the unique vantage point of the Whirley Crane nest will thrill wildlife watchers as the Ospreys are raising their family on historic real-estate, with a commanding view of the Bay and the S. While Ospreys historically nested along Northern California lakes, none had been documented nesting on the Bay’s edge before the 1990s.

The audience in this midtown Manhattan broadcast studio are standing around a wrestling ring set up in the center of the room, cheering as loudly as they can.

In one corner, a two-time world champion wrestler named Rhino circles the perimeter, his burly thighs rubbing together like two tan balloons.

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