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You'll find more update-troubleshooting options on DTS-L.org's Windows Update Checklist .

The Registry has gone haywire The fastest and simplest way to repair a garbled Registry is via Windows' System Restore: In XP, click Start Next.

Sometimes the only fix you need is a system restart, but other times you may feel like you'll never get your PC working again.

While not even a building full of Microsoft engineers can promise solutions to every Windows problem, these tips will help you begin your quest for a cure.

Scan your Windows Update log file for clues to your system's update failures.

Now visit the Windows Update Troubleshooter and browse around for an entry relating to the error.

Now, a federal research project has a computer-designed molecule that could pull out that fluoride ion from the fluorocarbon molecule.

This theoretical molecule was designed around an actual enzyme used by a South African bacterium.

In the genus Burkholderia, these bacteria naturally pull fluoride ions out of sodium fluoroacetate.

Windows doesn't know when to quit Sometimes Windows reboots when you only want it to turn off.

This may be caused by the OS thinking a shutdown is actually a crash, which it is programmed to respond to by restarting.

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