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A city attempt to rid the town of these trees two years earlier had stirred up a bitter protest from residents who admired the tree-lined streets.June 8, 1916 – A marker honoring early pioneers was dedicated during graduation ceremonies for the college class of 1916.Buildings have been, and continue to be, an important lens through which Meg views the history and culture of the cities in which she’s lived.As she writes about Fort Collins, whether about an ad in an old newspaper or a Fort Collins family that’s lived here for several generations, expect to see patterns among the stories that seek to define and describe the character and culture of Fort Collins as it was, as it is, and perhaps to even shed light on what it will eventually grow to be.“I’d tell Cheryl to hide in the bushes, and then I’d go up to a couple of older kids and arrange a game. Then we’d get down, 5-0, double the bet, and then take care of business.I’d look at Cheryl, she’d look at me, we’d wink, and then …That gives me a good reason to tell my favorite Miller family story, one Cheryl Miller first told to People Magazine back in 1982 and Reggie recounted in his 1990s book “I Love Being The Enemy.” The Millers grew up in Riverside, Calif., which is in the Inland Empire about a 40-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles (if there is no traffic, and good luck with that).He and Cheryl grew up on the playground games in that area (Reggie says shooting over Cheryl’s length led to the rainbow arc on his shots).

Cheryl was the first woman to dunk in organized play, a four-time college All-American and three-time national Player of the Year, and a member of the 1984 gold medal-winning Olympic team.

There are several images of postcards in this book that I wasn’t able to locate online, which means they must be fairly rare indeed.

If you are a thrift shopper or estate sale maven, I’d recommend that you keep an eye peeled for this little gem.

And the two used to run a little hustle in those playground games. unless you count my sister.’ “Then I’d whistle, and Cheryl would come out from behind the bushes looking like she didn’t know a thing about basketball.

Here is how Miller put it in his book: “Back in the fifth and sixth grades, we’d go to the courts at John Adams Elementary or Hunt Park and hustle two-on-two games. It was the best hustle scam in Riverside, California. You could see the two other guys looking at each other like, ‘Oh, my God, this is going to be easy.’ “We’d play for ten dollars; the first team to 10 by ones would win the money.

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